If you came to Peppertones for anything less than a good time, then you will be sorely disappointed. Their music is the equivalent of the two guys high-fiving on the cover of their latest album. Their songs are wrought together with familiar – though ever-changing – styles and peppered with amusing lyrics, vocal delivery, and musical beats.

peppertones high-five

The band is constantly moving, hopping from classic rock parody (“Solar System Super Stars”) to alt-country (“캠퍼스 커플”) to quirky electronic pop (“몰라요”) in the space of just three short songs. It’s a complete delight to hear a group of musicians so fresh and full of life. Because of their resistance to standing still, it’s difficult to define them. This reviewer, personally, gave up as early as the moment the screaming and guitar-thrashing of “Poweramp!!” transitioned into the banjo and piano of “New Chance!”

Peppertones’ chameleon nature works so well, because they are already so gifted in the basics of songwriting. Fourteen tracks of perpetually shifting tunes would prove overwhelming for a neophyte, but Peppertones’ Sayo and Noshel are anything but, having been in the music scene since as early as 2003.

Naturally though, the changes become less jarring as the album goes on. This is maybe purposeful, because there’s less of a need to grab you around the end. It is also pleasant to hear the band mellow out and wind down in the last few tracks. The songs are no less interesting, but they settle into more of a steady rock groove, and it is nice to hear that they can so adeptly play many styles as they can stick to just one. Of course, they could not end the album without one last delightful “song” that ends with the sound of a high five. This is the essence of Peppertones, everything you need to know to understand them.

While the lack of a cohesive sound could be intimidating for a new listener, do not fret, because Peppertones are experimental without coming off as standoffish or zany for the sake of it. They know what they are doing, and there is at least one song that will hook any potential fan.

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