Vasco‘s style in Korean hip-hop is easily recognizable. The way he presents his verses and his voice is very distinct compared to other artists. With his third album, Exodus, Vasco doesn’t stray very far from what he’s known for and presents another strong album that is great for fans.

vasco guerilla music exodus

If you’ve never heard of Vasco, the instrumentals play a support role compared to his voice. His raspy and harsh voice carries his emotion very well. The song “Guerilla’s Way” is a great example. The verses are more melodic, but when the song hits the chorus, his yells really push a strong aggressive theme. His style of delivering verses is impressive as he follows the beat. He doesn’t necessarily stray far from using eighth notes for each syllable, but he’s able to keep a strong flow.

Exodus also has a lot of guests like Kuan, Swings, and Jay Moon. The additions to Vasco’s songs usually sit in a different tone. If you know any other artists that guest on the album. then you can easily see how Vasco’s style is different from others. Compared to listening to other hip-hop artists, Vasco really knows how to make addictive and powerful music.

Korean hip-hop had a lot of different styles within the genre and Vasco is an example of how much variety exists. The genre has a lot of different artists and it feels like a deep well. There are plenty of different styles that are used and Vasco is one of the best, in my opinion. Vasco seems to appear and disappear a lot with his releases, but Exodus is an excellent album for hip-hop fans.

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