When watching DIEALRIGHT, it’s kind of surprising. The energy that comes from the band is pushed forward by Song-Hwa Chae. Her previous band, Midnight Smoking Drive, also had this feeling, but listening to Satellite I feel that this captures the energy better.


Satellite is only a four song EP. But from “Hello,” you get drawn into the raw and crunchy emotion of the sound. The verses on “Hello” are clean, but get into the verse breakdowns and you start really hearing the power. Even with four songs, DIEALRIGHT are able to make a presence. The energy of the band is captured really well and even though only a three-piece, it sounds much larger than that. The songs don’t rely on simple arrangements and experiment like on “DO NOT EAT.” It sounds like a straight forward song, but listen to each instrument and you will hear how much support the voices give each other.

I really enjoy “Heaven” because it allows Soo-jung on drums to play something other than the usual 4/4 time signature. How she uses the drums as another voice rather than the simple time-keeper is excellent. Even though the vocals draw you in, each member can manipulate their instrument in great ways. Closing with “Satellite,” I think it’s the best single for the band. It combines all the best elements from DIEALIGHT.

With only the single, hopefully DIEALRIGHT will be able to record more music. The three members have captured something with Satellite and I hope that continues. I think they are a prime example of the variety of music that exists and there’s no lack of attitude or power coming from the band.

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