So after many delays, the business license for Korean Indie has finally arrived. I apologize for the long delay, it’s the first time I’ve tried to start a business and there are a lot of requirements to fulfill.

Anyway, since I have the business license, the Korean Indie Online Store will be opening next week. The reason for the one week delay is that I need to update the store with proper merchandise images and add some small details like better item descriptions and the actual prices.

Also I have to order packing supplies, which I’ve been waiting on until the license arrived.

Yellow Monsters Let's Rock 2014

Here are some details about the store to clear up any confusion.

Korean Indie Logo Merch

All Korean Indie logo style merch is used to support the site. Basically this is how the site can continue to run, support better hosting, and fund bigger projects in the future.

Limited Edition Korean Indie Merch

The limited edition shirt (and any other future LE style merch) will only be printed in one main run. There may possibly be special occasions where old LE designs will be printed, but it’s not likely for a while.


The online store will only accept PayPal. You don’t actually have to have a PayPal account to pay as you can use a credit card. I found this to be the easiest way to process payments properly.


Korean Indie ships worldwide. There are three methods. At any time, shipping costs could change depending on changes with USPS.

1. North America – flat rate regardless of what you order.
2. International – per item shipping cost. This is due to the wide variety of locations and prices.
3. Free Shipping – $100 minimum to get free shipping.

To make up for the delay, I’ll release a coupon code for a number of people for a discount on their order. If it doesn’t work, then the coupon has been used up.

Check out the store here.

Also I’ll be giving away some CDs in a separate giveaway. They’re CDs that I bought during my trip to Seoul that I thought I needed, but actually already own.

Thanks for reading Korean Indie and I hope that you continue to support the site and the store.

Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.