I actually have a history with The Geeks. I found an early album years ago and listened to it non-stop. The Geeks are a hardcore band. But in the sense of the style hardcore, the band is a hardcore punk band. The latest album, Still Not In This Alone, has the same tone and energy from past releases. In many ways, the band sounds like it hasn’t aged at all.

the geeks still not in this alone

But 2014 marks 15 years of The Geeks and Still Not In This Alone proves that the band is still able to create and perform excellent hardcore music. The non-melodic vocals fit the fast tempos perfectly and the instrumentals of the band haven’t changed. They aren’t the most technical, but they don’t have to be. The power of The Geeks is in the emotion that they put forward in their music.

A perfect example is “Defining Moments” which is a mixture of screaming verses, chanted choruses, and raw instrumentals. That’s one of the things I enjoy about The Geeks the most. The recordings of albums isn’t perfect. It captures everything about the band that you may see live. But live shows have even more energy so the album is a way for fans to connect with the band even though they can’t see them. Still Not In This Alone is 12 songs and 25:17 in length. But that’s perfect.

If you’re a fan of punk and hardcore in South Korea, you’ve probably heard of The Geeks before. If you’ve started searching the genre, then this band is the perfect place to start. The Geeks are influential in the hardcore scene. Still Not In This Alone proves that they haven’t really changed since they started.

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