Urban Zakapa recently released a lovely single, Space Between, featuring SISTAR‘s Soyu. “Space Between,” is supposedly the part 2 of hit song, Some, sung by JungGigo and Soyu.

Although some may argue differently, I think that Space Between is much more interesting piece than the highly sensationalized, Some, and here are the reasons why.


Despite being it targeted for a broader audience, Urban Zakapa did not lose focus of their original sound all the while highlighting Soyu’s light and airy vocals that can be easily overpowered. The vocal collaboration between Urban Zakapa and Soyu is perfect because no one singer outshines one another, making it a harmonious love song that is easy-on-the-ears.

In addition to the balanced vocals, Space Between narrates the uncertainties of a new relationship not just through its lyrics but through the melody as well as the pattern. The track starts off a call-and-response pattern going on between Urban Zakapa and Soyu. But as the song progresses, just as if it were going through the different stages of a relationship, the singers start to harmonize with one another. Then, they go back to the call-and-response.

And finally, this is something I realized only after listening to it numerous times, the familiar melodic sequence that appears multiple times in each verse, and even in the chorus is what truly makes this a great love song, especially for the upcoming fall season. The ups-and-downs of the melody is depicting the ups-and-downs that one might feel throughout the beginning stages of a relationship.

Overall, Space Between, although it may seem a bit dense at first, is bound to become one of the staple tracks in your fall playlist not because of some simple catchy tunes but because of the high quality in its production as well as the different elements that it has.

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