Kernelstrip‘s second EP Dazzling is more of a collaboration than full EP. There’s one new song by Kernelstrip and five remixes from other artists like KIRARA, YUKARI, Stray, Damirat, and HH. That doesn’t take anything away from the EP, but adds a wider range of voices.

kernelstrip dazzling

“Dazzling” sounds like a continuation of Walking Through The Galaxy and further shows off Kernelstrip’s skill at creating and arranging his type of music. The remixes from the other artists are also from the first EP. Those songs add the style of the individual artists on top of Kernelstrip’s music. It’s interesting to hear the interpretation of his original song in a new way. Since the EP starts with “Dazzling,” you get that first introduction for the rest of the songs.

There’s not a weak song on the EP. The songs remixed are “LOCK,” “Botanical Garden,” and “Yes” so you get a chance to hear two songs remixed in different ways. It’s better than some other remix EPs that have an entire set of remixes only being one song. “Botanical Garden” are remixed by YUKARI and Stray, but sound very different even though they use the same melody. “Lock” also has a big difference between KIRARA and Damirat. If you’re familiar with these artist’s styles, then you already have a hint of what to expect.

While it would have been nice to hear an entire EP of new Kernelstrip songs, Dazzling still does an excellent job of showing off his style along with his decision on who would remix his songs. The guest artists add another layer to the original track that gives them new life. Hopefully Kernelstrip has more work coming in the future that shows off more of himself.

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