As a fan of 24Hours, I’m always looking forward to new music. Their full length album, Party People, was exactly the album that I wanted to hear from them. While I don’t know what happened between Party People and No Way Out, it looks like the band is a trio rather than a quartet. That’s a little disappointing because the band had a very tight energy with the combination of all the members.

24hours no way out

But No Way Out doesn’t disappoint. It sounds like a continuation of Party People containing the same British rock style. The first song is an instrumental and feels a bit lacking compared to the other songs. “Not Too Good” would fit perfectly on Party People with the same quick tempo and recognizable vocals. It’s the perfect introduction to anyone who doesn’t know the band. The vocals backed by the guitars, bass, and drums is the signature sound of the band.

“And Today” is a bit slower than other songs. The tempo doesn’t drag, but it allows the vocals to be sung slower and lets the listener dwell on each beat. The band keeps a strong variety within their style and “And Today” is a great example of that. The songs may sound similar on the surface, but there are definite differences between each one. “Hey” continues the small bit of experimentation that “And Today” started. The song overall is much cleaner and pop rock than other songs. The distinct clean and distorted guitar are easily heard, but the two voices kind of just lay on top of one another. 24Hours have great arrangements, but “Hey” seems to lack the same power.

“Into the Dreams” is the final song and slows down the tempo to give the EP a nice melodic exit. I like the song the best because it’s different from other songs that I’ve heard from the band. Overall No Way Out is a great addition to the discography of the band. It’s similar and different, giving some variety to their music. Party People is still a favorite and with No Way Out, it gives an opportunity to listen to the band when I’m in a different mood.

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