One of the perks to writing about music is that it gives me a push to see live shows that I normally would not attend otherwise. For instance, the first Seoulsonic show I saw was the first time I had heard of Yellow Monsters, Crying Nut, or 3rd Line Butterfly, bands I now follow and respect deeply.

That sense of getting to know a band is different if that first time was by the music alone or through live performance. This was the case tonight, when I had the chance to see Lucite Tokki perform at The Korea Society‘s Indie K-Pop Spotlight.

Having the opportunity to see these two women perform was great. Having done this now for ten years, Cho Ye Jin and Kim Sun Young are pros, at once charming and commanding the stage.



Cho Ye Jin’s voice carries beautifully, while Kim Sun Young’s ability to go from her acoustic guitar to keyboard to synths to tambourine speaks volumes of her talent as a musician.



The performance was followed by an audience Q&A, where the duo spoke about various topics like themes of time in their music, the different approaches to their music in terms of language, among others. This was a nice touch by The Korea Society because it allowed more intimacy between audience and performers that a regular concert may not provide.



I enjoyed myself discovering more about Lucite Tokki, and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

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Thanks to The Korea Society, specifically Luz Lanzot, for inviting Korean Indie to be a part of this event. That they could make this show possible was great, and hopefully this will one in a series.

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