When it comes to melodic pop punk, Startline have established themselves firmly as a band to watch. With their previous EP Light My Fire and single “Time Goes By,” they’ve shown that the three members know how to craft really great songs. Across The Night isn’t anything different from past releases and that’s perfectly fine.

startline across the night

“Great Escape” as the first track grabs you quickly and you’re pulled into the energy of the band. The three members know how to play their instruments and the talent shows itself easily. As opposed to Light My Fire, there’s less of a focus on fast songs and there are songs that don’t focus on filling every beat like “Today.” It’s still recognizable, but allows each verse to exist a longer than quickly moving on.

Even with six songs, Startline continue to present an excellent release. “Morning Glory” and “Super Hero” are excellent songs that while captured well in the recording are probably a lot more fun to hear live. That’s the only issue with the releases. They accurately capture the music, but they sometimes lacks the energy that the band brings to a live show. It might be the fact that the recording is so clean. The mixing evens out all the levels and it can make some songs sound a bit passive.

Startline are among my favorite pop punk bands in South Korea. I look forward to each release, but after seeing them live; I think that’s the only way their songs can accurately be represented. It would be awesome if the band could record a live show and release that because I think more people would be amazed at the live sound the band has. Each release by Startline is great and they appear to get stronger as a band as time continues.

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