From The Airport is band that I found on bandcamp at the beginning of 2013. Before they were signed to Fluxus, they were releasing singles every couple months. This schedule lead to a lot of anticipation of what the next songs would be. Milo and Zee kind of disappeared after the announcement of getting signed and then earlier this year, Chemical Love was released. It showed a matured sound along with old favorites.

from the airport golden

Golden is a single that serves as a re-introduction to the band before their first full length. Golden released during the pair’s Fall tour in the United States, and I was able to hear new songs live. But Golden is a departure from previous singles. It really shows a evolution and new maturity. While previous songs all had a common thread and melody, the two songs “Golden” and “The Queen” are different. Before there were a lot of similarities between From The Airport and Glen Check, but now From The Airport have a signature sound.

It could be from how different the arrangements sound on both songs or how there’s a bigger focus on atmospheric punches, but this new sample of From The Airport adds a lot of anticipation for the full-length. Of the two songs, “The Queen” is the standout. It has a gothic feel and the lyrics help push that theme. “Golden” is like a transition between older releases and the current sound.

Golden is really a new sampler for the full length. While it’s always great to hear From The Airport’s older releases and have heard their history through releases on bandcamp, I’m very excited to hear the full length and what kind of message the pair will push in their music going forward.

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