I’ve seen Dead Gakkahs perform live once. Seeing their live set, I was honestly a little afraid of them. But I like Dead Gakkahs’ music a lot. Self described as “fastcore,” that described the music perfectly. Their sets are pretty short, but the energy that the trio have is something you must see. While I haven’t met the two women in the group, I did meet Mizno after the show and was surprised at how soft spoken and polite he was. I guess he saves all his energy for live shows.

Anyway, I think Dead Gakkahs are an excellent band and well worth knowing if you enjoy punk rock in any form. If you are able to visit South Korea, you should definitely check them out if they have a show.

Photo by Studio IM

Photo by Studio IM

Can you introduce Dead Gakkahs?

We are a band based in Seoul, focusing on fastcore. The members are JunYool (Guitar, Vocal), Huiyu (Bass, Vocal), Mizno (Drums). It’s been almost two years since we formed the band and we released a one year anniversary demo tape in February 2014.

우리는 서울을 기반으로하는 패스트코어 밴드입니다. 전율(기타,보컬) 허이유(베이스,보컬), 미즈노(드럼) 으로 이루어져있습니다.
밴드한지는 2년이 되어가고 올해 2월 1주년 기념으로 데모테이프를 발매했습니다.

Dead Gakkahs on Facebook.
Dead Gakkahs on Twitter.

Is there a reason behind the band name?

We first tried to be really creative which didn’t go too far so we decided to parody a title of a song or a band. And then we thought of Dead Kennedys. The word “Gakkahs” from Dead Gakkahs means President in slang.

처음에 멤버들끼리 모여서 이것저것 써보다가 밴드 이름이나 노래 제목에서 따오자고 생각해서 데드 케네디즈에서 따왔습니다. 데드 가카스의 가카는 한국 은어로 대통령을 뜻합니다.

How did the band start? What were the influences on the style of the band?

JunYool was very charmed by the Swedish band called Sugar Pie Coco. She really wanted to make that kind of music. So she looked for members and found Mizno and Huiyu to start the band. I’d say Dead Gakkahs are influenced by fastcore, slashcore bands like Sugar Pie Coco, Punch, Fuck on the Beach.

제가(전율) 스웨덴의 슈가파이코코라는 밴드의 음악을 듣고 이런 음악을 하고싶다고 생각해서 밴드멤버들을 모으기 시작했고요. 마음이 맞는 미즈노와 초기멤버였던 이즈노와 함께 시작했습니다. 저희는 처음 말했던 슈가파이코코, 미국의 펀치, 일본의 퍽온더비치 등 패스트코어, 스래쉬코어에서 영향을 받았습니다.

Is there a message your trying to say in the music?

We are not on either side of Right or Left Wing. They all act with their own ulterior motives. The voting system is designed to pick a winner in those political parties, it’s not us, citizen, who is winning. We oppose to authoritarianism, bureaucracy and the discrimination against social stratification.

우리는 이 사회에서 좌,우 어느 편도 들지 않습니다. 그들은 모두 본인들만의 이익을 위해 행동합니다. 우리가 어떤 곳에 투표를 하던 이기는 건 그들이지 우리가 아니니까요. 권위주의, 관료주의, 사회시스템, 차별 등에 반대합니다.

How does the band compose songs?

Normally, guitarist makes a riff then we elaborate it with drums and try to think of lyrics as we go. However, these days Mizno has been feeling it with the drums so he starts the process.

보통은 기타가 리프를 만들어오면 드럼을 붙이고 가사는 생각날때마다 쓰고 있습니다. 요즘은 미즈노(드럼)이 불타올라서 드럼을 먼저 찍어오는 편입니다.

What was the crowd reaction when the band first started playing live? What’s one reaction you hope audiences have when watching the band?

At first, we weren’t expecting much and didn’t prepare much. We just wanted to have fun with the bands — it’s kind of like a loser’s party. We performed for the first time and only for five mins, which hasn’t changed much since then. Despite the shortness of the performance, I think every one was enjoying the show. We just love it when the audience takes a glance at us, or sing along or just play with us.

처음에는 아무것도 하지 않고있던 밴드들끼리 모여서 공연을 만들자고 해서 만들었던게 좆밥대결 이예요. 그 때 처음으로 공연했고 지금도 짧지만 그 때는 거의 5분정도 밖에 안되는 공연을 했었어요. 그래도 다들 재미있게 봐주셨던 것 같습니다.
관중들이 봐 주는 것만으로도 좋고, 같이 노래하면 더 좋고, 놀아주면 더더더 좋고 그렇습니다.

It seems difficult to find punk bands in South Korea, does the band have any recommendations?

We actually hang out and perform together. But I highly recommend The Kitches, Find the Spot, SCUMRAID. They just rip it and are super passionate too. We personally like Startline. You may know them already but we’d still like to recommend.

자주 보고 같이 공연도 자주하지만 키치스와 파인더스팟, 스컴레이드의 공연을 보시면 좋을 것 같아요. 다들 엄청 파괴적이고 열정적인 공연을 합니다.
그리고 개인적으로 스타트라인을 좋아하는데 다들아시겠지만 추천합니다ㅎㅎ

You have a split album with The Kitsches coming soon, are there plans for a full-length or another EP?

It’s still nebulous, but I’m hoping to release a full length album after the split album with Kitches.

그냥 제 머리속에 있는 생각으로는 키치스와의 스플릿앨범이 나온 후에 풀렝스 앨범을 내고 싶습니다.

What is one thing the band would like to accomplish within one year?

Releasing a full length album.

풀렝스의 앨범을 내는 것

Anything to say to readers?

Thank you for reading this far! (To no one specific) BITCHES!

여기까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다! (주어없음) 개새끼야!

Dead Gakkahs on Facebook.
Dead Gakkahs on Twitter.
Dead Gakkahs on bandcamp.

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