While Big Phony was in San Franciso, he was nice enough to give Korean Indie some signed CDs to giveaway to readers. I spent some time thinking about what kind of contest to run to give them away. I got some suggestions on Twitter and I’ve come up with the contest.

A big thanks to Big Phony for donating CDs to giveaway!

@bigphony was nice enough to give us some CDs to giveaway.

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It’s very simple: show your appreciation for Big Phony and his music.

You can do this any way you want to. For example, you could recreate his signature paper bag mask in a photo, cover one of his songs, or write about your favorite Big Phony song. It doesn’t matter what method you decide to use to show off your Big Phony love (within good taste). The more creative the entry, the better.

The contest will run from October 22, 2014 – November 21, 2014. There will be three winners for the three CDs that I have. The albums include Bobby, Long Live The Lie, and Straight to Bootleg Volume 1.

If you win, you will be mailed one of the three CDs at random.

This contest is open worldwide.

To submit your entry: email info[@]koreanindie[.com] with the subject line “Big Phony is awesome.”
Entries not completed correctly will not be counted and winners will be contacted by the end of November.

The three winners’ submissions will be shown off on KoreanIndie.com after the contest is over.

If you need inspiration, check out his albums.

Big Phony on Twitter.
Big Phony on Facebook.
Big Phony Site.
Big Phony on Bandcamp.

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