After I reviewed BOOZE-UP‘s Sommelier, I lost track of the band a bit. That is until 송희태, lead singer and guitarist, asked if I wanted to hear their new single early. Obviously the answer was yes, so he sent me two versions of the track. One version with vocals and one just instrumentals.

booze-up nervous venus

“Nervous Venus” is different from the songs on Sommelier. It’s a bit more electro-pop rock than the bigger operatic style of the full length. It reminds me a big of We Are The Night and Space Papa, but still has its own distinct sound. Based off the single song, there’s a definite transition in style. Their full length was a bit heavy in melodic rock and this change with “Nervous Venus” is great. It’s more energetic and the faster tempo keeps everything moving quickly.

Just short of three minutes, the introduction does eat about 30 seconds of the song before the first verse. It creates an anticipation to the rest. It’s a little long because the introduction features the instrumentals of the chorus. Listening to the instrumental track, it’s much easier to hear the composition of the song and how different instruments are used. The synth add a lot to the song and I feel like without the extra melody that sits above the guitar, the song wouldn’t be as strong.

“Nervous Venus” is different from BOOZE-UP’s Sommelier. It’s a lighter song and carries less weight. That doesn’t mean the song is any weaker than previously released songs, but adds another level of variety to the music of the band. Hopefully the band release the single soon.

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