The Kitsches were another band that I saw in Seoul during my trip. I never heard of them before, but the moment they got on stage and started playing, I was hooked. Their album Tonight, You Will Rejected is eight songs and nine minutes long. The band is pure hardcore. Songs rarely pass the 1:30 mark and that’s totally fine. Each song gets to the point and then ends.

the kitsches tonight you will be rejected

Even with such short songs, the energy and speed that is put into each song is excellent. The vocals are sometimes difficult to understand, but the emotion that comes across is easy to hear. While I heard of The Kitsches before and saw some live videos, the music is only available offline with their CD. That’s really unfortunate because they’re a perfect band for hardcore fans. “Irritation” is an example of this. It’s 1:17 that goes from verse to chorus to bridge to verse so quickly you’ll probably miss it.

Somehow between these songs, The Kitsches are also able to throw in a wide variety of songs. “I Don’t Need the Book” doesn’t sound like any other songs which can occasionally be a problem with hardcore albums. Even though hardcore isn’t a genre for everyone, The Kitsches are a great band that can mix up your collection. They’re definitely worth giving a listen. The music is quick and the recording of the album captures all the energy.

There’s less focus on perfect quality and more about capturing the essence. The recording is actually really good and it’s easy to decipher each instrument among all the craziness. Tonight, You Will Be Rejected is an excellent album and hopefully their split with Dead Gakkahs displays their talents even more.

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