I’ve known of Say Sue Me for a while now. The problem is that they’re a Busan-based band so finding out information is a little difficult. Astroboy had mentioned them before, but I could only find old video on YouTube. I was finally able to get their first album We’ve Sobered Up on iTunes and hear the full sound.

say sue me we've sobered up

While some music portal sites describe Say Sue Me as indie rock, they have a strong surf rock style. While it may be because of the recording of the album, but the music has a low key quality to it. The songs on the album never feel like they’re rushing and the simple arrangements move from beat to beat with little effort. I think that’s why I enjoy the album so much. It doesn’t sound like the band wanted to make overly complicated songs, but music that was easy to listen to.

“I Know I’m Kind of Boring” is a great example of that. The vocals are almost monotone and sits even with the instrumentals. The guitar and bass blend together and the drums are there to support the song tempo, but not much else. If there’s one weakness to We’ve Sobered Up is that it’s easy to get lost in the album. The songs all blend together and if you’re not paying attention, then you may miss a couple songs. But that’s a quality of the tone of the music. Individual songs are great like “Crying Episode” and “Sorry That I’m Drunk.” Say Sue Me seems to fit every mood with little problem.

Bands based in Busan haven’t let me down yet and Say Sue Me is another excellent example. All the bands that I’ve heard have a slightly different style than bands in Seoul which is great. The surf rock style of Say Sue Me is perfect all the time and We’ve Sobered Up has a lot of songs that can become classics over time.

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