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If you follow the site regularly, then you’ve seen the big changes that have happened since the start of the Summer. Korean Indie officially became a Limited Liability Company and the online store opened.

These were the biggest goals for the year to set the base of the site and the “company” as a whole. While I still don’t consider Korean Indie a formal company, I think that the work that’s been done so far has put it in a great place. As well as the changes, there have been behind the scenes things that will hopefully come to light next year.

One of next year’s goals is to attend and cover bigger events like SXSW, more Seoulsonic dates, and possibly other related events in the US. It all depends on what the event is and how Korean Indie can play a positive role by attending. One bigger goal is to bring our writers forward as knowledgeable sources that people can trust. Each writer has different music tastes and it’s important that everyone is free to speak their opinions. This means sending them places to share their opinions.

But like all things, the only way Korean Indie can do these things is by earning revenue. The primary is through the online store which is the most direct way to help the site exist. I’m still debating on the way ads and other forms of content can be used to raise money while not corrupting the way the site runs.

With about a month and a half to go, there will be a revamp of how things are done. This won’t affect the content of the site which will remain the same, but it will have an impact of how the site functions in the future. Any changes won’t be put into effect until 2015.

This is why I’m opening submissions for new writers. Korean Indie needs a bigger staff to push more content and more bands into the eyes and ears of international audiences. From what I see, the year that Korean music will break beyond pop is coming very soon and it’s my goal that Korean Indie serves as one of the primary destinations to learn about music.

While I can appreciate the way mainstream media showcases music, I feel that they’re after the quick pageviews of something “new” or “unique.” Korean Indie is here to show that these bands are always around and not just relevant during specific times of the year.

So if you can, please help support the site by buying something from the store or giving us a small donation. It’ll go a long way in helping me develop the site into something bigger.

Be prepared for 2015.

– Chris

Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.