The Very Best Of World Punk Hit by Look and Listen and Hasegawa Yohei is a cover album. With the added guitar by Yohei to the three piece, the band is able to expand their sound a little bit. The covers include songs by Buzzcocks, Shonon Knife, and The Ramones among others. If you’re familiar with early punk rock bands, then you’ll known all the songs. For those who don’t know bands from the early days of punk rock, then these will be new to you.

Look and Listen & Hasegawa Yohei The Very Best Of World Punk Hit

The four piece do a great job using the original song and adding their own style. As a garage band, Look and Listen already have the foundation for these songs. The covers are great straight interpretations. They don’t add any extra unnecessary additions to the songs and just present them. The best thing with the album is that even though these are covers, they naturally sound like songs the band could have made.

Take “Blitzkreig Bop” as an example. It’s a song that tons of people know. The cover doesn’t sound any different than the original in terms of the instrumentals, but there’s a different feeling with female vocals and the song’s recording. It has fresh feeling and there’s a feeling of respect. The selection of bands that were covered is the strength of the album. Most of the bands are ones that people will probably know or at least know of the song even if they don’t know the title.

Cover albums can be great or horrible, but Look and Listen and Hasegawa Yohei have released one that is one of the better albums available. The songs they chose to cover are probably bands that influenced the musical style of the band so there was probably a lot of care when recording these songs. While it’s not possible to hit the same level as the original, this collaboration comes as close as possible.

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