Every trip to Seoul, I try to watch bands that I’ve heard official releases from live. Veins is an example of this. During my last trip, I was able to watch the band twice and was impressed at their live shows. The recorded vocals aren’t as strong as they are live which made me very happy. The recorded vocals sound like something is being held back while the live shows had a stronger level of abandonment.

veins sean

“Sean” is one of the songs that I recognized and the live performance to the recorded song are close, but the live performance is much better. The song itself lends a lot of chances for YU-Heee to let loose. The recorded song is a little long at 6:42 and I think live it was condensed a little. There’s a long bridge in the recorded song that makes it seem like the song is over, but slowly works back into a crescendo.

The style of the band is still heavy alternative rock and this is shown on the song very easily. The single has two songs, “Sean” and “Gori,” but “Sean” is definitely the showcase on the release. “Gori” is a bit closer to songs on Glass Tower. It’s a bit more straight forward with a recognizable verse to verse arrangement. Even the chorus doesn’t ramp up as strong as “Sean.” It’s still a good song, but definitely sits in the shadow of the first song.

As I was told, Veins don’t have any company backing so they’re doing everything themselves. Among other bands in Seoul, their style isn’t too common but it’s definitely better seen and heard live. The live show of Veins is the way to see the band, but Sean is a good introduction to the band if you’ve never heard of them.

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