Sugar Donut were one of the early pop punk rock bands that I ever heard. I think I listened to every single one of their albums. After Say Yes in 2010, I thought the band broke up. It looks like they reformed and released Double Minus. It’s not exactly the same pop punk that I listened to with their 2002, 2003, 2006, or 2008 releases and sounds like an extension of Say Yes. But that doesn’t matter because they still have the same energy that I enjoyed when listening to them.

sugar donut double minus

Double Minus is an EP with only five songs, but it’s like a re-introduction to the band. With four years between releases, old members left and new members joined, but the core of the original sound is still present. The band holds a lot of nostalgia since I listened to them when I first began listening to Korean music, but while the music isn’t the same, I appreciate this pop rock sound. It’s more indie rock than pop punk, but the songs sound a bit more mature than before.

“Beautiful Life” is like a connection to the past and the present because it has the same melodic rhythms that past releases had, but also shows better composition because the music doesn’t rely on a faster tempo to get the feeling across. “Missing You” is a slower, ballad-esque song that really focuses on the vocals and the background vocals. It comes across perfectly as a single and splits the EP in half. The band hasn’t completely given up the past style, but have integrated the talents of the new members into the music.

Honestly, I always enjoy Sugar Donut. There wasn’t a release that I found average and really enjoyed hearing all the music from the band as they grew. I thought that the band was done when nothing happened in four years, but their return gives me high hopes that there are some great things coming from the band.

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