I came across FIRST AID’s Where I Can Find You right when I needed it. I was looking for electronic music that was stylish, smart, and sleek, and this album fulfilled every one of needs. It’s not a demanding listen; you just press the play button and it serves up steaming electronic atmospheres within seconds.

Where I Can Find You

I’m usually suspicious of albums that are conceptually homogenous. And since Where I Can Find You consists of songs with similar titles, moods, and sounds, I wasn’t sure that it would engage me. But despite the album working with the same materials throughout, it introduces fresh and new atmospheres from track to track. The songs (and the album overall) are the perfect length so that they leave you wanting more. First Aid moves to new ideas quickly and efficiently.

I like how, even though the album is stylish, it is also extremely sophisticated. It can be enjoyed by people with varying levels of musical knowledge. People who are looking for an easy listen with R&B and hip-hop undertones will be satisfied, as will those who are looking for complex and creative electronic music. The album is rhythmically intricate and the sound fragments are kaleidoscopically woven together.

Where I Can Find You by FIRST AID

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