I only knew of Skasucks through their self-titled album from 2010. Then I saw the music video for “Why” and I was hooked all over again. The band describes their style with their band name, but on Out of Control you get a mix of music. Each song has ska elements, but the prominence of the genre comes out stronger on some songs.

skasucks out of control

“Cheez In The Trap” is a perfect example of Skasucks’ ska talents. It has the rhythm, the attitude, and the “arrogance” needed to pull the style off without sounding campy. The album reminds me of the ska I used to listen to back in the late 90s, but has an energy that can only be found in recent years. Out of Control sounds like the band doesn’t care what people think of them and have recorded an album to their personal standards only.

Whether this decision was on purpose or not, there isn’t a lost song. For people who have been wanting ska music, then they have to listen to Out of Control. Skasucks seamlessly jump from slower grooves to much faster tempo songs without one problem. And the way the album is ordered is a perfect high and low theme. Even when Skasucks use a more punk rock style layered with keyboards, it’s still recognizable as their style. A prime example is “Suicide City.” There isn’t a lost moment of energy throughout the entire album, and that’s impressive with thirteen songs.

While I don’t know what the band’s been doing between 2010 to now, it doesn’t even matter. Out of Control is an amazing album that combines nostalgia and pure energy together into an enjoyable album. The band is definitely one that you should try to see live if you have a chance at all.

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