I was introduced to Emergency Call Equipment or ECE though a bunch of different live YouTube videos. I wasn’t entirely sure of the musical style of the band at the time, but after listening to Lift Me Glory, I still don’t have a concrete idea. It’s like a mix of garage rock, post-rock, and blues which is a very strange combination.

ece lift me glory

A lot of the weirdness of songs comes from delivery of the vocals. Vocals don’t exactly follow the rhythms of the melody and at times it sounds liek every instrument is playing its own rhythm without any care to other instruments. But then the songs come back together. It’s impressive on how frenetic songs sound, but then actually match the sum of each part.

i don’t think the YouTube videos gave an accurate impression of what kind of music that ECE actually played, but considering how different the music is in terms of composition, I found myself getting entranced on the controlled chaos that is heard on most songs. I think that might be one of the only weaknesses of Lift Me Glory, the chaos makes songs bleed together and it’s difficult to tell when one song ends and another one begins. It doesn’t happen often, but there are some breaks.

Listening to ECE’s Lift Me Glory, it’s definitely a different kind of album. Mixing genres together into some kind of bizarre conclusion, it’s a great album. There’s a feeling of letting the music flow and culminate naturally and organically which is great, but at times it’s so different that some people can get distracted with all the different elements that can clash with one another. Lift Me Glory is definitely an album to hear though.

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