It’s been two years since 2.0 by 10cm and their 2014 return with 3.0 was a bit unexpected. But the duo are probably the most well known “coffee shop” style musicians. That changes a bit with 3.0 because it’s a little less about light melodies and the album gets a bit more power than before.

10cm 3.0

“담배왕 스모킹” is a faster tempo and slightly more aggressive song. Though with the limited number of instruments that 10cm use, it doesn’t have the same impact as a full band could have. But in terms of the arrangement of the song, it’s impressive because they can still pack in a lot of different emotions within a limited space. 10cm haven’t lost any of their stronger acoustic songs, just listen to “스토커.” The ten songs of 3.0 show that the pair know how to write and compose songs for a lot of different listeners.

10cm are still one of the best bands to introduce a new listener to, but it feels and sounds like the band is too comfortable in the style they play. That’s not a negative to their ability, but I think that some people may start moving away from 10cm and looking towards other bands. 3.0 will definitely satisfy 10cm fans, but personally, I think I’ve moved away from their music.

3.0 is a very solid album with no faults. I think that the audience the duo go for is very specific and they have a very strong fanbase. With so much other music and other “coffee shop” musicians, 10cm are still among the top, but they have a lot of other bands chasing behind them.

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