I’ve been listening to a lot of folk lately; I think it comes with being tired – anything too heavy just gives me a headache, which is why I’m really eating up 3 by Cosmoshippie, a three-piece folk rock band. The minimalist album cover perfectly echoes this spirit of the album – simple, clean, giving you lots of blank space for your mind to wander.

cosmoshippie 3

Right off the bat, the album opens with a quiet, whisper-in-your-ear kind of lullaby. “괜찮아요” is probably my favorite track off the album – at night, I listen to it to sleep; in the day, it’s my early morning jam to school. I’ll be honest – I’m generally the first to abandon sad male vocalists singing acoustic guitar ballads, but Cosmoshippie’s Jung Kook In has this unpolished, sleepy purity to his voice that makes the simplest melodies enjoyable.

Coupled with the basic guitar and drums arrangement, Cosmoshippie’s music is the sort that sells a mood rather than a melody. 끝나가는시절 and 돈,the third and fifth tracks on the album, are perfect lazy Sunday afternoon jams.

The band can do emotionally stirring material as well. The closing track, Before Sunrise, starts off really softly, Jung’s fingers barely brushing the guitar strings. It sounds exactly like the tranquility of that moment right before dawn breaks when the rest of the world is asleep. But then the strumming intensifies, and the music pulses forward, expanding until Jung’s voice climaxes in a wail. In this track, they remind me a little of Damien Rice.

If you’re looking for something warm, cozy and chill, give Cosmoshippie a shot. Theirs is the kind of album that easily passes by in a blur, but you’ll find yourself keeping it on repeat.

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