I found The March Kings though a couple of YouTube videos, but then they opened a Bandcamp page. Unfortunately Vivid Night was only available through iTunes so I had to buy it there. The March Kings style is standard indie rock, but it’s polished and clean. Vivid Night is a great album that shows off the band and the tempo and tones of the album are addictive. From the first song “Ever” to the last song “Booze” (which are translations of the original Korean titles), The March Kings cement their sound and have an album that doesn’t re-imagine or rework the genre, but plays perfectly inside it.

the march kings vivid night

One of the best things about the album is that the recording sounds a little raw. While most songs were recorded at Rocking Studio and mixed and mastered at Bom Studio, the presentation of the album doesn’t have a “perfect” sound. The slightly raw sound on the songs really highlights the music. I really like how while the mix of each instrument is uneven, the vocals sit slightly higher but don’t drown out any other instrument. The drums are a little louder than the rest of the instruments and the bass is a bit difficult to hear, but makes its presence known if you listen for it.

Vivid Night has a lot of great songs like “Vivid Night” and “I Want To Sleep With You” which all have the same basic arrangement, but differ with the way the band chooses to play more muted or not. The album goes by quickly even with twelve songs and lasting a little over 45 minutes. You definitely want to play the album a couple times to find your favorite songs.

The March Kings are another band from the southern part of South Korea and it’s difficult to find a lot of bands from that area. Thankfully, The March Kings made that music available digitally so people can hear their music. If you enjoy indie rock, The March Kings are definitely a band to hear.

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