I was introduced to Taesub, guitarist of 1TON, by JaeHyuk of Yellow Monsters. He told me that I would definitely enjoy 1TON’s melocore style. During a visit to Hyang, I was able to find the CD and listened to it when I returned from my Seoul trip. I love the EP. It’s a tight collection of songs and after I listened to the CD, I asked Taesub for an interview with the band. They definitely have the talent and I’m excited to hear what else the band comes up with on their next release.

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Can you introduce 1TON?

Hello! 1TON is a Korean melocore band. Melocore is synonymous to SK8 PUNK — a speedy beat and melody expressed in one. We formed the band in 2011 and have been performing in Hongdae since then. And we officially debuted with our first album TINY OLD TAPE in July 2014.

안녕하세요. 1TON 은 한국 멜로코어 밴드입니다.
멜로코어란 SK8 PUNK의 다른말로 속도감 넘치는 비트와 좋은 멜로디를 표현하고자 하는 음악입니다.
우리는 3인조로 이루어진 밴드이고 2011년 결성후 홍대에서 꾸준한 라이브를 해왔습니다.
또한 2014년 7월 첫번째 EP앨범 ‘TINY OLD TAPE’ 으로 대뷔를 하였습니다!

How did the band get started?

We are friends since 7th grade! We’d listen to music together, go to shows, and eventually we started dreaming about forming our own bands. We started with 4 members but the guitarist had to focus other things so we are currently a trio. We feel like it’s the natural flow and destiny played a part.

1TON 맴버들은 중학교 1학년때부터 친구입니다.
함께 모여서 음악을듣고, 밴드 공연을 보게되었다가 우리도 도전해보고싶다는 생각을 하였고 결성하게되었습니다.
처음에는 4인조로 시작하였지만 기타리스트가 탈퇴하며 지금의 3인조 구성을 완성하게 되었습니다.
뭔가 운명처럼 자연스럽게 지금까지 흘러왔다고 생각해요!

How did the band start playing melocore? What bands influenced you?

We were very into punk thanks to Green Day. But soon, we started listening to other indie bands like NOFX, STRUNG OUT, LAGWAGON, and got into the melocore genre. But we still think that Green Day has influenced us a lot, especially for the melodies.

처음엔 Green Day 의 음악을 듣고 Punk 라는 장르에 빠져들었는데
NOFX,STRUNG OUT,LAGWAGON 등의 인디즈 밴드들을 알게되면서 멜로코어에 빠져들었어요.
영향을 많이 받은 밴드는 Green day 에게 멜로디적인 영향을 많이 받았습니다.

What’s the most difficult experience 1TON has had as a band?

So far so good! We just try to make the best out of every situation.

아직까지 크게 힘든일은 없고 항상 즐기며 하려 노력중입니다!

Tiny Old Tape was recorded in Japan, why did the band decide to record there?

We loved this Japanese melocore band called F.I.B since high school. Later on, F.I.B and I developed a relationship via email. Naturally, they introduced to the studio where they recorded. Hence, we got to record in Japan.
Soon after, in July 2014, we invited F.I.B to Korea to play at a show we hosted called, MAKE THE ONE TONE. And we are going to our second show, MAKE THE ONE TONE, in Feb 2015.

고등학교 시절부터 좋아하던 일본 멜로코어 밴드인 F.I.B 의 사운드를 듣고 감동했습니다.
향후 메일로 서로 교류하며 지내다가 F.I.B 가 작업한 스튜디오를 소개받게되었고 그것을 계기로 일본에서 작업을 하게되었습니다.
작업을 마친후 2014년 7월 F.I.B를 한국으로 초청해서 1TON 주최 공연 MAKE THE ONE TONE 을 개최하였습니다.
MAKE THE ONE TONE 의 두번째 공연은 2015년 2월 개최 예정입니다.

The EP has a mixture of English and Korean lyrics. Is there a reason for using English?

We wanted our audience to expand to foreign countries. But since none of us are natives, the quality of lyrics may be lacking. We’ve been studying English pretty diligently for next album. Hahaha.

해외진출을 목표로 영어가사를 사용하기 시작하였습니다.
하지만 원어민이 아니다보니 퀄리티가 떨어지는건 사실이라,
지금 열심히 영어공부를하며 다음앨범을 준비하고있습니다 하하하

What are some of 1TON’s favorite bands?

We listen to a lot of 90s punk and hardcore.

PUNK,HARDCORE 등 주로 90년대 음악을 많이 듣습니다 !

What does the band want to accomplish in 2015?

In 2015, we are planning on releasing our first full album. We’d love to do a tour in the US, but we’d like to tackle an Asia tour first. We are going to try to get our name out there.

2015년에는 1TON 의 첫번째 Full Album 을 발매할 계획입니다.
가능하다면 미국공연도 가고싶지만 , 일단 Asia tour 를 하고싶습니다.
더 많은 사람들이 1TON을 알수있도록 노력할생각입니다.

As musicians in South Korea, what do you think of the independent music scene?

It’s impossible to dedicate full time as an indie band in Korea. There is no avenue for income. There is no real environment where we could do a tour or people who buy CDs regularly. However, many bands are working hard in such environment and we’d like to consider 1TON as one of them. We sincerely hope that our efforts will come into fruition.

사실 한국의 인디환경은 음악이 직업이 되는것이 불가능한 환경입니다.
수입을 얻을수있는것이 제로이기 때문이죠, TOUR를 돌만한 환경도, CD를 사는사람들도 없습니다.
그치만 많은 밴드들이 어려운 상황속에서도 힘을내고있고, 1TON도 그중 하나라고 생각합니다.
이런식으로 다들 힘을내서 노력하다보면 언젠가는 좋은결과가 있을거라고 생각합니다.

Anything to say to readers?

Hello, Korean Indie readers. We are a punk rock trio called 1TON. We released our first EP back in January called TINY OLD TAPE. Also, we have two preview videos on YouTube – Please check them out! We will prepare for a better and cooler album next year. THANK YOU!

안녕하세요! KOREAN INDIE 독자분들! 한국의 3인조 PUNK ROCK BAND 1TON입니다.
1TON은 올 7월 첫번째 EP 앨범 TINY OLD TAPE을 발표하였습니다. 또한,
YOU TUBE에 1TON의 PV가 2개 있습니다 관심있으신 분들은 확인해주세요!
더 열심히 준비해서 내년 더 멋진앨범으로 찾아뵙겠습니다!
감사합니다!! THANK YOU!

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