According to her Bandcamp page, KIRARA‘s rcts is a collection of tracks made between July 2011 and July 2014. The twelve track album features her signature sound, which is recognizable if you’ve listened to any of the past releases. With rcts, the songs are a bit different from official releases and show more experimentation.

kirara rcts

This doesn’t mean the style has changed significantly, but shows off the change between the years. As a compilation album, the music surprisingly fits together really well and doesn’t have a lack of flow as you work through the songs. There are some examples of experiments like “intermezzo stars” with its 1:16 length. But there are more full featured tracks than samples and overall the release is 50 minutes long.

You may notice that there are tons of different electronic musicians who all have their own individual style and KIRARA is among that group. Her music has its own sound and flair and if you listen to any of the albums, you’ll start to hear patterns. That doesn’t make the music boring and it’s very easy to use releases as background music. “Squared Swings” and “Thinking of Rainbow” are among the stronger songs, they feel more fleshed out and sound like there were multiple iterations.

I always enjoy listening to KIRARA’s work because it definitely changes with each release. This compilation album is like a previous compilation release she had that contained songs from 2008 to 2010. If you enjoy electronic music, then KIRARA is an artist that you should keep an eye on. Each release shows a definite progression that will result in an outstanding album.

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