Depending on which release from EE you hear, the music will probably surprise you. The duo’s Weird People We R Da People is the first that I’ve heard from them in a while. Part musicians and part performance artists, EE make music that they want to. It’s not determined by any kind of trend, but what they decide to do.

ee weird people we r da people

The single contains three songs and starts with “Freak Flag Fly.” It’s a slower, multi-layered song with a lot of samples of clashing melodies and vocals. It kind of wavers over beat and meanders wherever it wants to go. But at the same time, it’s an interesting song because past songs have been frenetic clashes of sound.

“Mayday Mayday Mayday” is the second song and follows the same general design of “Freak Flag Fly,” but with a different and more recognizable melody. There’s also a bigger low-end bass line that keeps all the samples in line. The composition of EE’s songs is one of the biggest strengths. While the song might lead itself in different directions, there is a core line that flows to make it easier to follow.

“Banging Till I Die” is the last song and the one that was given a music video. It’s a bass-heavy, repetitive song, but is able to get stuck in your head. The verses are all arranged well and the video is the best way to attempt to understand what EE are exploring with their music. Honestly, the music video is weird, but captivating and I’ve watched it a bunch of times.

As a mixture of music and performance, EE present an entirely different style each time they release music. Weird People We R Da People is a solid single with great songs, and going back in their discography might show even more songs you will enjoy. They’re a polarizing duo and whether you like them is really up to how open your mind is to this music.

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