To be honest, I never listened to Ynot? before. I heard of them through various news articles but other than that, Swing is my first introduction to the band. With 12 tracks, totaling 55 minutes, Ynot? will surely provide you an amazing hour of music.

ynot swing

“What I Said” has an amazing guitar solo near the end of the song. I was extremely flabbergasted by Ynot?’s talent. This is also the first track of the album, and I was hooked right from the start. “Jericho” confirmed my love for Ynot?. They have a really unique sound and I can’t get over how catchy their music is. It’s definitely my style of music. “절대악” is grunge music styled. When you listen, it may not be interesting or new; however, it is the only song of this style on the album which makes it stand out from the others.

If I were to choose a favorite song from this album, it would be “Call Me, Hold Me, Hug Me and Love Me.” The song is mostly instrumental which really highlights what Ynot?’s sound can be. The vocalist would sing occasionally, adding to the gloriousness of the song. It is not an extremely mind-blowing song, but even the simplest of things can be incredible.

The final song is called “Story Irony.” This song is very different from the rest, and is the longest song on the album. It starts of with lovely piano solo and as other instruments join in, the sound becomes louder and stronger. You don’t hear the vocalist until about 1:20 in. Like “Call Me, Hold Me, Hug Me and Love Me,” “Story Irony” is a mix of vocal and instrumental. The vocalist continuously repeats the title of the song, which entices you. This is a fantastic song.

Ynot?’s music content in this album offers emotional and intensified music which makes you yearn for more. As I mentioned before, Swing has 12 wonderful tracks, but it doesn’t seem like enough. Ynot? has earned themselves another fan. I’ll be sure to listen to more of them in the future.

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