I listened to Norwegian Wood‘s previous singles, but never took a deep listen. When the band released Lost on Bandcamp, I jumped back in and was impressed. The EP starts with “Lost.” The song is like a slow ambient ballad that takes its time to reach a crescendo. The gradual rise of the melody is entrancing. It’s operatic in how large the sound gets near the bridge.

norwegian wood lost

“Please Open” follows a similar vein, but plays a more modern rock song. The vocals are perfect and flow along with the melody. When the guitar follows the same rhythm, it enforces both melodic lines. Norwegian Wood use slower tempos to allow the song to gestate and grow with each beat. If you listen to Lost from start to finish, you get a nice arc of music that’s almost like a soundtrack. Listening to songs separately, they feel a little unconnected.

This may be the only weakness to the EP. The songs sound like extensions of each other to make a complete story. “I” is a perfect follow-up to “Wings” and while the songs work as singles, it’s more powerful when all six songs are heard in sequence. My favorite song has to be “Justifier.” The use of keyboards to create a choral feeling and the overlay of the guitar adds complementing voices. There’s not a missed beat or note. The last third of the song is very powerful. “Justifier” works perfectly as the second to last song.

Lost closes with “Parallel Line,” a slow tempo, meandering song that repeats until the last second. Norwegian Wood crafted an excellent EP. Six songs come together like one song which is a positive and negative, but does show that there’s a strong focus on melody and creating audio landscapes people can get lost in. The band is definitely one to watch and see how they develop.

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