Hello Korean Indie readers! Because I have a pretty wide taste in music and this is my first post here, I thought a lot about how I should choose my best of 2014 and how my picks would portray my taste. Overall, however, I just decided to go with the releases that I most enjoyed this year although they may not necessarily be the highest quality.

These picks may not also 100% accurately reflect my taste, but I’m sure I’ll be able to show that step by step. So here are my favorite releases of 2014, in no particular order. Thank you & Happy New Year!

01 권나무 그림

권나무 (Kwon Tree) : 그림

Although I did say that this list is not in any particular order, 권나무’s album is probably my favorite release of the year. Although very simple, 권나무’s songs have so much depth to them, overflowing with emotions that go straight to your heart. A must listen.

02 오늘의라디오 첫번째 시간입니다

오늘의라디오 (Today’s Radio) : 첫번째 시간입니다

Folk singer Today’s Radio says the purpose of his music is to sing familar and honest everyday songs that listeners can relate to, and this release truly achieves this purpose. This album is no doubt a top pick of 2014.

03 9와숫자들 보물섬

9와 숫자들 (9 and the Numbers) : 보물섬

9와숫자들’s prior releases already having received significant recognition, there was a lot of anticipation for this album. With its dreamy and nostalgic melody and lyrics, this album does not disappoint.

04 커피소년 세번째 음악 로스팅

커피소년 (Coffee Boy) : 커피소년 세번쨰 음악로스팅

This album is one of several Coffee Boy releases this year, all which I loved. While Coffee Boy songs can often sound repetitive or boring to some, I find his songs to have so much genuinity and heart, really lifting up and walking alongside listeners through day to day ups and downs.

05 Clazziquai Blink

Clazziquai : Blink

Clazziquai releases are pretty much always great, enjoyable releases.

06 Zitten diaspora

Zitten : Diaspora

While not Zitten’s best release, this is an album I thoroughly enjoyed. His first release in 2 years, it gave me the classic Zitten sounds I had been missing.

07 참깨와솜사탕 마음거리

Sesame and Cotton Candy (참깨와 솜사탕) : 마음거리

An album with so much emotion, purity, and fun. While not perfect, this album re-affirmed my love for 참깨와솜사탕 and has me excited for more of them in 2015.

08 Mad Clown 표독

Mad Clown : 표독

The first official release since signing on with major label Starship, there was a lot of uncertainty and doubt. While the title track of the album is clearly geared towards a mainstream audience, the rest of the album not just maintains, but actually upgrades, the signature Mad Clown style that had already captured the underground hip-hop scene.

09 최낙타 우리 그만 싸우자

최낙타 (Camel Choi) : 우리 그만 싸우자

Despite being a fairly new artist and acoustic folk style being not too distinct in the indie music industry, 최낙타 captures listeners with witty lyrics, catchy melody, and a voice that delivers all this with a lot of heart.

10 스트레이 그대는 없는데

The Stray : 그대는 없는데

The first single released by The Stray, and I’m already hooked! Excited for what the Stray has in store in 2015.

neon bunny it's you

Neon Bunny : 너여야 (It’s You)

Not being too familiar with Neon Bunny prior to this single, I may have a different opinion that longtime fans. But this song was on repeat for quite sometime and is the most-listened-to track of the year for me.

12 김동률 동행

Kim Dong Ryul : 동행

Although not indie, I decided to include this album because my year in music cannot be explained without it. Kim Dong Ryul’s comeback album manages to combine the old nostalgic sounds with the modern, the underground and mainstream, the heart and the humor. And his voice…his voice alone could have made mediocre songs sound good but Kim Dong Ryul does it once again with a superior album.

Some Honorable Mentions

Idiotape: Tours

윤덕원 : 흐린 길

Bily Acoustie : 소란했던 시절에

Fromm : 낮달