Humming Urban Stereo is back with his newest album Delicacy. With ten incredible songs, you won’t be able to stop moving your feet to the sounds. I can’t stop myself from doing a little dance when listening. I discovered Humming Urban Stereo through the infamous song “Hawaiian Couple” while stumbling upon it via YouTube a few years ago.

humming urban stereo delicacy

Delicacy starts off right off with an instrumental song called “Ozon (Remake).” This song was a track off Humming Urban Stereo’s 2007 album Baby Love. There are three other remakes on this album. “Hello Stranger” was featured in Mint Paper Project‘s Vol.1 고양이 이야기. This song is absolutely adorable. I really like it because it tells the story of a male cat proposing to a female cat. The other remake is a song called “Sweater,” which features Sugarflow. It was originally in Humming Urban Stereo’s We Will Be Together (Pastel Season Edition) album with Taru as the featured artist. “Lisa” is the other remake.

My most favourite song on this album is “Give Me Your Tonight” featuring Youme. It a very clean and classy song. This was released in a single album back in 2013. In the single album, the song was very upbeat and fast paced. In Delicacy, I really like how it was arranged, with a slower pace. It is considered the Demo version.

Humming Urban Stereo has once again outdone himself with a great album. There is nothing too new with the album; nevertheless, you will find yourself listening to it again and again.

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