Life and Time is a collaboration project between the members of two of the most exciting acts in the Korean rock scene: The Koxx’ bassist, Sunbin, and Loro’s guitarist Jinsil, and drummer Sangwook. Their mini-album last year, The Great Deep, demonstrated some great talent by serving up fun, summery vibes with sophisticated writing. Their latest single album, Small Bites, is a promotional album for the Vans and Brownbreath collaboration.

life and time small bites

“Small Bites”‘s driving guitar and bass line is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, and the hazy, fragmented talk-singing adds a subtle psychedelic rock flavor. There isn’t really a chorus; guitar and bass hook carries the entire song, while Jinsil conversationally exchanges vocal lines with it.

The second track, “Returning Home” comes from more of a pop or shoe-gaze vein. It has the same hazy, summery sound palette that made The Great Deep such a fun listen. The warm, repetitive bass and synth provide depth to the sound. All the remaining textures — the guitar noodling, Jinsil’s relaxed singing — fall smoothly into the lower instruments’ timbre. The track takes its time to unfold, with long, looping verses that slowly evolve into choruses. It’s a relaxed and elegant listen.

As usual, each element of Life and Time’s music is nicely written. Sangwook keeps the listener engaged with his intricate drumming and Jinsil and Sunbin’s hooks are golden. I also enjoy how Jinsil’s voice isn’t exceptionally polished. It’s quirky, simple, and infused with pure energy.

All of these things makes the mini-album a pleasant listen. Life and Time continue to work their garage rock meets shoe-gaze style well, and I can’t wait for them to get into the meat of their sound on a full album.

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