You can’t really go wrong with Pe2ny. He’s the master at mellow, jazzy atmospheres that are both sophisticated and easy on the ears. He’s created quite a name for himself with a consistently convincing solo discography and his work with hip-hop group Epik High. His collaboration with Tablo in 2008, Soundtrack to a Lost Film, is one of my favorite instrumental albums. It’s a poetic, immersive listen that says a lot with very little. Pe2ny’s now back now with a his fourth full album, Born to Be Blue, which is an equally enjoyable listen.

pe2ny born to be blue

Born to Be Blue works for what it is: a jazzy, quietly seductive instrumental album – so don’t expect an album that reinvents the wheel. Pe2ny serves up enough stylish beats and smooth production to carry you throughout the album’s duration. The album has a sleepy charm that would make a perfect soundtrack to a late-night drive.

Pe2ny builds upon his motifs carefully, expanding them slowly and with small details without over-or-under developing them. He is great at generating several melodic ideas from just a single motif. There are often several different lines and textures going on at once, but you don’t really notice it because each layer and section flows into each other other so naturally. The album’s level of nuance makes it a much more engaging listen than most instrumental “background music” albums.

Born to Be Blue is an inviting listen, full of warm beats and atmospheres that are brought to life by and Pe2ny’s top-notch producing skills and sense of musical nuance. It is definitely yet another enjoyable addition to Pe2ny’s discography.

Pe2ny – Born to be blue by Pe2ny

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