Mate is back as a duo with members Jung Joon Il and Im Heon Il. Their new album is called End of the World which has a total of 6 tracks. The majority of the songs on this album are ballads but you will fall in love with them while listening.

mate end of the world

The album starts off with “End of the World,” which is appropriate since that’s the title of their album. It is purely instumental, with the sound gradually increasing. With the mesh of sounds used in this song, it really seems like it’s the end of the world. Since I play various video games, I can see myself as the main character of one, journeying and fighting battles to this song. It is simply incredible.

Upon listening to “너를 떠나” I instantly thought that this song gave off a Ra.D feeling. The way the vocalists sang with their silky smooth voices along with the R&B/Acoustic background sound really reminded me of Ra.D’s music style.
“India” is a really fascinating song. The song utilizes what I believe is an Indian flute (please correct me if I’m wrong), which isn’t used much by Korean artists, to my knowledge. I never thought an Indian flute would blend well with the music that Mate performs, but they really blew me away with this track. It has an extremely beautiful arrangement, making it my favourite song of the album.

The album closes with “BABY,” which is the most upbeat song on the album. It is a “feel-good” song. I haven’t listened to many of Mate’s songs, but this song is very different from the ones I have listened to. It’s a very refreshing change.

“End of the World” has so many hidden gems in it, that could easily be missed if you don’t take a listen. I highly recommend this album to you, whether you’re a fan of Mate or someone who has never listened to them.

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