Three years after indie rock band Poe (포) released their debut EP Poe, vocalist and radio DJ Moollonkyen brought us her solo album Psychedelik, a kaleidoscope of sounds that recalls less the manic of Guckkasten as the sorrow and off-kilter of Jaurim and March Rabbit (3월의토끼).


Each of Moollonkyen’s tracks conveys a slightly different mood and texture, accomplished by complex, tight arrangements. The undertone of uneasiness that runs through every track and unites the album reminds me of the haunting creepiness of circus campgrounds at night, though Moollonkyen’s mellow yet powerful vocals adds a softer, warmer glow around those trippy memories.

Released in February 2013, the album features 11 tracks, two of which are remasters of Poe’s music and one is the original Poe mix. “이상한토끼를위한욀츠” and “Again” are the most colorful songs on the album, featuring different ways electronic distortions contribute to a trippy experience. Nevertheless, “아무도기억하지않는” remains my personal favorite for its gorgeous build-up and intense emotional payoff powered by the immense sorrow carried by Moollonkyen’s thick voice.

Overall, Moollonkyen’s solo debut effort delivers the soundscapes of the psychedelic with restraint, elegance and rich emotional resonance.

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