Glam metal isn’t the first thing you think of when you think about Korean rock music. Victim Mentality break a lot of expectations with their 2013 single Magic Finger. I don’t even listen to glam rock, but somehow the band’s debut release got stuck in my head. The music is only one part of the package, with the four piece embracing the genre 100% even in their live performances.

victim mentality magic finger

Regardless of the band’s genre, Magic Finger is a fun and energetic single. Starting with “Don’t Spit on Me,” with the lyric repeated a lot during the song, the music of the band sound over-the-top while remaining slightly restrained. It’s also easy to get entranced in the song because it’s sung in English. The four members come from backgrounds in the metal genre and embracing glam metal sounds natural.

“I’m Not Your Friend” uses standard rock arrangements with the standout feature of the song being the vocals. The one weakness of Magic Finger is that the recording of the songs sounds a little restrained and elements of songs aren’t pushed to the extremes they could be. “I’m Not Your Friend” is an example of this. The music lacks weight and all the instruments sound too even. The vocals on the chorus could also jump above the instrumentals. The song is excellent, but the presentation needs a louder presence.

But with this first single, Victim Mentality prove that they are masters of the genre using their talent as musicians to craft excellent music. Changing gears from the first two songs “Magic Finger” is the requisite power ballad and it’s my favorite song. The highs and lows in “Magic Finger” are perfect. The vocals soar over the instrumentals while the guitar solo still lets its presence known.

Considering the band is playing an older style that many might not even be familiar with; Victim Mentality are putting all their skills into this music. While the recording presents the songs, it doesn’t capture the energy that it likely seen when the band performs live. Magic Finger is a 2013 release, so it’s curious to know what songs they have now.

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