I followed Hidden Plastic on Facebook and listened to GarÇOn on SoundCloud. That was the only way I knew they have released the five song EP on iTunes. Hidden Plastic is an electronic three piece. Their particular sound is a bit more club and dance and it’s easy to start swaying to their music from “108 Street.” The five songs last 18 minutes, but the variety of sounds keeps you listening.

GarÇOn hidden plastic

While “108 Street” is a dance song, “Pinch” reminds me of Idiotape. The three members work in a similar way with two synth members and one drummer. The repeating melody line that moves through the majority of the song provides both a melody and tempo. The other samples added at different points give the song some dimension and the slow breakdown in the last third of the song provides some breathing room. Then on “Skirt,” Hidden Plastic return to a more upbeat and dance-able sound. It has a lot of small crescendos, constantly building on itself while not losing the core melody.

“Girl” uses a slower tempo, but mixes alternating melodies that layer on each other. With these rhythms, they meet and don’t overpower each other. I think that “Girl” is the perfect soundtrack song, able to push a lot of different emotions depending on the visuals it’s placed with. The last song “Cosmo Disco” features Sofarider also know as Zeze from Idiotape. You can hear his style throughout the song, but it’s unknown how much he added. There’s a definite connection between Hidden Plastic and Idiotape and it would be interesting to hear a split between the two bands because it’s two sides of the same coin.

It’s very easy to enjoy Hidden Plastic’s music. It fits a lot of different moods and GarÇOn is a perfect start. If the trio continue in this direction for their music, there will be a lot of excellent music but if they experiment with some other style, it’s likely it will still be a fun listen.

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