The 15th album from veteran singer-songwriter Leetzsche, or Lee Sang Eun, Lulu brings a warm, introspective perfect-for-spring indie pop experience.


Lee combines her resonant low timbre with an edginess that makes her album shine with the maturity that only one who has experienced the vicissitudes of life can express. I love the storytelling quality of her voice – perhaps not as magical as Jang Pil Soon’s, but very soothing and comfortable, like a mother singing to her child. In a way, Lulu would be the older generational response to Fromm’s Arrival.

Since her debut in 1988, Lee has moved from idol pop to 80’s rock to folk. She first took on the stage name of Leetzsche in 1997. For several years, she made a name for herself in Japan, releasing two Japanese albums in 1995 and 1997. The form-free spirit of some of her music is evident of a strong Japanese folk influence.

Her latest album sees her return to her folk roots, compared to the more experimental electronic styles of her previous 2010 album, We Are Made of Stardust. Even with the stripped down arrangements, Lee’s strong melody lines continue to shine through. Although not as exciting as Stardust, Lulu is still an enjoyable release from this artist that’s known for her continuous drive to reinvent herself.

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