Flash Flood Darlings is a member of the label Young, Gifted & Wack, which is the home to some of the hippest and most exciting acts in Korea’s underground electronic scene. Flash Flood Darlings proves himself to be no exception with his first full album, Vorab and Tesoro.

flash flood darlings

Vorab and Tesoro radiates youthfulness; it’s crisp, stylish, and optimistic. Many of the album’s lyrics convey the excitement of the big city at night, and that’s exactly what this album feels like. It’s anchored by pulsing bass lines, with sparkly, lightweight synths sprinkled overtop –  the perfect music to blast in your car during a late-night drive through a metropolis. While there are driving, rapid repeated notes in the bass, the melodies and synth lines overtop are beaming and open. With these two different pulses, the album gives off the excitement of the city but also helps to slow time within the busy-ness.

At its core, the music on Vorab and Tesoro is very simple. But it’s so well-stylized and produced that it shines in its simplicity. It never feels like Flash Flood Darlings is trying too hard; he realizes his ideas with clarity and ease, without any unnecessary clutter. This allows the music to really breathe, and for the listener to breathe along with it. Vorab and Tesoro never tries to be anything more than what it is: a cool, elegant electronic pop album. Flash Flood Darlings works within those boundaries intelligently and sincerely.

While being cool, Vorab and Tesoro manages to be poignant as well. Its melodies and harmonies are both catchy and poignant. And although lyrically focused on young romance, late-night escapades, and the like, the album incorporates other themes such as isolation, identity, confusion, and healing – making the album more versatile than your average electronic pop album.

It takes on both the exhilaration and discomfort of youth, and manages to excite and relax simultaneously. All of these things make Vorab and Tesoro an extremely delightful first album, and I’m excited for Flash Flood Darling’s future contributions to Korea’s electronic music scene.

Vorab and Tesoro by Flash Flood Darlings

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