I know absolutely nothing about Echo and The Machine. The EP was classified under “Seoul” on Bandcamp and I previewed a couple of tracks before buying it. While it’s an electronic album, it sounds less of what I’m familiar with in terms of Korean electronic music and sounds a lot more like music I would expect from Europe. New Walking‘s strength is that it’s different.

echo and the machine

“Root” does have a similar electronic style that sounds like other artists, but when “New Walking” begins, it’s a whole new game. Spoken French dialogue samples and layering them over the instrumentals, it adds a different touch. The instrumentals use a lot of percussion elements like a hi-hat sample that plays sixteenth notes throughout the song and a jam block keeping quarter notes under the major melody. Other layered samples flow over the percussion and somehow don’t get overpowered between all the claps and bass beats.

“Instant Day” shows another strong rhythm section that plays along different melodic pulses. The one thing Echo and The Machine know is that the tempo never needs to slow down. The songs move forward at a fast pace. Even though a lot of the samples repeat, the songs don’t get boring and that’s likely because of the tempo. “Sun Looks You” is the most standard song with the addition of actual vocals, though they’re heavily sampled and it’s sometimes difficult to understand what’s being said. It’s almost like an overload of audio because the song has so many different samples.

“Close to Night” finally takes a step back with a more ambient song, but it’s like Echo and The Machine can’t wait for it to be over because it’s only a little over a minute long. The closer is “Lunatic Wooden Horse” which still uses the same high melody elements as previous songs, but allows a little more room by not filling every single moment with sound.

Regardless that I have no information about Echo and The Machine, New Walking is a lot of fun to listen to. It’s a different slice of electronic music that I really enjoy. There are a lot of electronic artists making great music and the variety of styles is amazing. Echo and The Machine are another example of what you can enjoy by searching and experimenting.

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