Listening to Soumband‘s Yeon, the first song “디오드레베” gives an immediate tone of folk and ballad. The introduction into the second verse then introduces a possible strong melodic pop rock sound. It’s apparent that the instrumentals follow Soum‘s vocals. As the primary force behind each song, the instruments surround the vocals but never overpower in any form.

soumband yeon

The lead single is the same as the title of the EP. “연” is a pop ballad. The piano and strings that accompany her voice add slightly contrasting melodies, but they the mix of the song is squarely focused on her voice. In terms of a ballad song, Soum’s voice is perfect. It’s warm and welcoming following the melody with precise care. It also sounds like the octave she sings in isn’t any stretch or challenge. She’s able to move between notes without any signs of stress.

“모든 것은 변한다” is an indie pop song. The slow tempo, but repetitious drumming keeps things light and the piano jumps in here and there to add a bit of melody. The song isn’t complicated and it’s easy to get drawn into the melody. “나를 위한 날이야” is a bit different because it tries to be a bit more aggressive, but is actually help back by Soum’s voice. It doesn’t have the power in the recording to make the song feel strong. The instrumentals also lack this power and the song sounds like an attempt to be stronger but is held back by the mix.

Overall Soumband’s 연 is a good EP that contains a set of songs that base its core on Soum’s voice. Her voice is pleasant and there are no difficulties listening to her sing, but even with the variety of songs the EP is uneven. This is mainly because Soum doesn’t apply her voice outside of her strong ballad-style. It would be interesting to hear “나를 위한 날이야” performed with more abandon, but it’s muted on the EP. In their indie ballad style, Soumband excels but there’s not much else if you’re looking for more variety.

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