Starting One Hundred Blossom Club‘s Almost Blinding Blueness with “The O.H.B.C Gives the World an Overthrow” is a jump right bank into punk rock. The song is full of distorted guitars, drums closely following the fast tempo, and vocals that lack exact melody but contain the emotion of the song and the vocalists. It’s a simple song that begins a very fun album.

one hundred blossom club

Punk rock fans will enjoy the album. It doesn’t have any unneeded elements added during mixing, it’s very much a straight to the point rock album. “Gangbuk Worst Blues” reminds me of old punk bands that play music because it’s fun without any expectations. That’s the emotion that I get when listening to the album. It’s also one of the best strengths for Almost Blinding Blueness.

After listening to many albums that add so many extra instruments to songs that will never be heard live, One Hundred Blossom Club’s energetic and addictive songs are like a cleanser. You know that if you see the band live, you’ll get a performance similar to the album.

The ten songs might all use the same genre, but the band is able to produce a fresh set of songs. The album moves fast even though most songs reach at least four minutes. Surprisingly none of the songs feel long and the next song begins almost before you’re ready for it. There are a lot of different punk bands, but it’s difficult to find them and their releases. One Hundred Blossom Club is like a gateway to the genre because their sound is familiar for anyone who likes punk rock.

One Hundred Blossom Club may use a “tried and true” style that won’t surprise anyone, but the energy the five members put into their music keep it fun. There aren’t any surprises listening to Almost Blinding Blueness, but there’s nothing wrong with the album. The scaled back music is perfect for people who are tired of listening to overproduced music.

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