Ktown Cowboys released their red-band official trailer via Deadline. The movie will debut at SXSW 2015 along with hosting a show at The Majestic featuring From The Airport, The Solutions, HEO, Big Phony, Victim Mentality, and YB.

This will also be a chance to see actor Big Phony aka Bobby Choy again.

A side of Big Phony we've never seen

A side of Big Phony we’ve never seen

But if you don’t know what Ktown Cowboys is all about, you should watch the original web series available on YouTube.

Up to the release of the movie, Ktown Cowboys released videos called Ktown Footnotes giving extra background about the characters and the world they live in Koreatown.

We’ll definitely be at The Majestic show and will try and attend a screening to see the movie.

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