It feel like every time Love X Stereo is ready to explode, something holds them back. Now a duo, Love X Stereo are using 2015 as a rebirth for the band. We Love We Leave, Part 1 makes this apparent. The EP contains two new songs with their older songs getting a new shine. Hopefully, Part 1 serves as the final introduction to the band and Part 2 is the first step forward.

love x stereo we love we leave

The first new song, “We Love We Leave,” is already different from their older songs. A more somber and atmospheric track, Annie‘s intro with “Can we live together?” presents a darker tone. The song is comfortable using a slower pace that’s accented by the synth and guitar picking during the end of each verse. The repeating lyrics hone in the new direction and even though there’s no hook to the song, it sticks in your head.

The other new song, “My Anywhere,” is a bridge between older Love X Stereo song and follows the same tone of “We Love We Leave.” The biggest change is that Love X Stereo’s recorded sound is a lot more dense and powerful. There’s more weight to each drum beat, the way the keyboards snakes through the melody, and how the guitar wraps the song together. Also Annie’s voice finally seems to be captured to reflect all the nuances in her voice.

If you’ve heard songs like “Chain Reaction,” “Fly Over,” and “Free Ass” then you already know what the song is going to sound like. The plus to these “Deluxe Edition” versions is that they sound a lot better compared to past releases. You can feel and hear individual instruments a lot better and the polish on the songs helps them show off the duo’s talent a lot better.

We Love We Leave is now the perfect starting point to anyone who’s starting to listen to Love X Stereo. It contains their strongest songs in the best audio possible. The hope is that Part 2 of We Love We Leave will finally reveal songs that Love X Stereo has been hiding all this time.

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