Hopefully Part One of the Korean Electronic Music Primer helped to open your ears to new music. In Part Two, here are another set of bands and artists that you should give a listen to. In this set, there are some familiar names and some musicians who play really experimental music. Sometimes even ambient noise can be used to create melodies and it’s that experimentation that’s impressive.

Glen Check

Glen Check

Glen Check is a Korean electric band primarily made up of two members, Juneoney and Hyuky. They do have live session members to recreate their music at shows, but the main composition is between these two. Their music has definitely evolved over the years from their Disco Elevator EP to the latest full length Youth!. They create dance-friendly rhythms and melodies and can get almost any crowd moving to their songs quickly.

demicat outloud


Demicat is more of a DJ than core electronic artist. Out Loud was the first release that I listened to and I got sucked into the excellent smooth melodies and arrangements in each song. He also works as a producer, but it would be great to see new music from him again soon.



I discovered Smells through a press release sent by Foundation Records. Like Demicat, he’s a producer who creates excellent dance music. His songs have an excellent use of tempo and rhythms. Even when Smells chooses to use a constant bass beat, it’s still surrounded by other melodies and balance it out. Again like Demicat, Smells doesn’t have many official releases so it’s a waiting game for new music.

graye junk pixel empty space


GRAYE definitely has been evolving with his music. MON was a slower, more groove orientated release. 75A with fuckushi oyo was a step in a new direction. His latest single Junk Pixel/Empty Space is even more experimental. It seems like he’s always trying new techniques to make music and that’s why it’s fun to follow his releases.

flash flood darlings

Flash Flood Darlings

Vorab and Tesoro is an album that you didn’t know you needed. It has a simplistic quality that weaves its way into your ears and stays there. Even with eight songs, the album has a way of keeping your anticipation up as you wait for the next track. As a first release, there’s so much potential on where he could go from here.



Depending on who you’re listening to, you’re definitely going to have an experience listening to itta or TENGGER. TENGGER is the combination of itta and Marqido. The music they create is hard to describe, but it feels like you’re being surround by sounds. It’s the use of the analogue synthesizer and harmonium that make the music of TENGGER. itta’s HAMCHANG Sound Imagination is an awesome mixture of live audio recordings like conversations mixed with itta’s music. I think that TENGGER and itta are the perfect example of making music that requires your full attention.

oohyo girl sense


Finding OOHYO on Bandcamp, I was surprised at the music. It’s perfect electronic pop that drills its melodies into your head. When she was featured on Girls’ Generation Jessica’s and f(x)‘s Krystal’s variety show, she got a huge amount of attention. She recently released a new single, but it’s yet to be seen if her next EP or full length can match Girl Sense.

As shown above, electronic music is varied. Even the standard definition of electronic music isn’t as structured as you think. Hopefully you connect with these musicians and continue to follow them as they create music in their styles.

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