If you are craving music that is fresh and new, look no further. With their latest EP Dear Door, EE will either leave a lasting impression on first time listeners or settle their fans’ desire for more crazy, fun music which the group does best.

EE dear door down

I really love how EE experiments with sounds, like they did in the song “Knock the Door.” As much as I love all kinds of music, I don’t think I have ever focused directly on the sound of the song as much as I have with this group, this song in particular. With EE, their style is all about their sound. Everything is so distinctive in this track and that fascinates me. I am constantly amazed and inspired by EE.

“No. 417” is the longest track on this EP. For some reason, I got an early 2000s feel from this song. EE is extremely talented and created yet another smashing song. They are extremely versatile when it comes to producing music and that’s what I love about them. This song may seem pretty simple compared to the other songs EE performs but that doesn’t matter because, to me, they can do anything musically.

What can I say about “Wiggy Dawn”… This song definitely reflects how artsy, creative, and unique EE are. The lyrics are random and make no sense which may seem odd if another group were to do it but with this group, it’s perfectly acceptable. That’s their style. Everything about this track is amazing, especially the “Wiggy Wiggy Dawn Wiggy Dawn Dawn” part of the chorus. I have never seen a music video like this before, either. It is full of artsy nonsense, and I love it.

EE are extremely quirky and I am so happy to have discovered them and have interviewed them not too long ago. They will be performing at next week’s SXSW in Austin, Texas and I highly recommend you go and check out this duo if you have the opportunity.

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