The Geeks From Gangnam event was one half a mixer to present different technology start-ups from South Korea and one half a live concert. Originally billed with four artists, it actually resulted in The Solutions, Asian Chairshot, and No Brain showing off their distinct styles for the mixed crowd.

the solutions

The Solutions have their distinct melodic rock sound. They started the show and quickly drew in the crowd. It’s easy to see and hear how quickly The Solutions can connect to different audiences regardless of where they play live. They played songs from both albums, favoring their strongest singles. Even the crowd was mainly people who came to the mixer, The Solutions were able to bring in people wandering outside.

asian chairshot

Asian Chairshot was the second band. I’ve listened to Horizon a lot and their single Mask, I never had a chance to see them live. YouTube videos only capture a small portion of the ability of the trio. Bassist and vocalist, Yongwon quickly fell into a trance. Pushing the vocals on different songs and really getting the interest of the crowd. There wasn’t a lost moment in their set, also playing their more “recognizable” songs. Asian Chairshot felt like they had the shortest set, but that may have been because they hypnotized everyone.

no brain

Closing Geeks From Gangnam was No Brain. They’re US tour veterans and bring the same energy that you would see in South Korea to the United States. Immeadiately lead vocal Bulldaegal made the audience part of the performance calling out and including them during verses. No Brain’s punk rock is perfect for the end of the night and even playing “소주 한 잔 Soju Han Jan” to add to the craziness. No Brain never disappoint and continue to grab new fans whereever they play.

As the first show I saw at SXSW, Geeks From Gangnam was the perfect introduction for expectations. It was a short show, with only three bands, but the mixture of styles presented a slice of what is coming on Thursday for K-Pop Night Out I and K-Pop Night Out II Seoulsonic.

Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.