It’s time to return and present another set of Korean electronic musicians. If you read Part One or Part Two, then you already have a great selection of music. In this third part, it’s another set of artists and bands that you might not be familiar with but should take a listen.

ee 405 club


If you read news about SXSW, you might have seen EE get mentioned. A husband and wife duo, EE are one part electronic artist and one part performance art. It’s difficult to describe their live show other than it’s weird and hypnotic. Their music also has the same tone. At first listen, you won’t really understand what’s happening, but on repeat the style of EE comes through as unique and awesome.

electricity flowing we live by night

Electricity Flowing

Their latest album, We Live By Night, is a two year return from the band. Electricity Flowing is a two piece synth pop band. Their first album, Guilty Pleasure, was an upbeat and poppy album. We Live By Night is a more mature full length, but hasn’t lost the addictive beats and hooks.

neon bunny

Neon Bunny

Neon Bunny is a long standing solo artist. With a couple of EPs and a single, she has a distinct sultry voice and musical style that gets your attention. Her guest vocals on songs by Smells and Demicat are examples of how well her voice fits a lot of different styles. The only disappointment is that she doesn’t have a lot of official releases to truly show off all of her talent.

rainbow99 SEOUL


Some people might recognize Rainbow99 previously as a guitarist for Smacksoft. His solo work is a mix of different electronic styles depending on the album. He’s currently releasing a song-a-month project, but his last album Seoul is a great audio representation of South Korea’s capital city.

kafka human psyche


In terms of description, K.AFKA’s style is experimental, industrial, and ambient. It’s not pushing a pounding beat, but there is definitely a darker tone to their music. The Human Psyche is a strange album, but has the ability to keep your attention over the 12 songs. Their music isn’t for everyone, but it’s very easy to appreciate.

sima kim

Sima Kim

I never heard of drone music until Sima Kim. But he’s also an artist that has different styles depending on the release. He has a great selection of ambient tracks that fit a lot of moods and Ur Silhouette was a change directed by the different collaborations he did. It’s always interesting to listen to his releases and find something that hits your curiosity.

saram12saram raindrop cloud typhoon and the sun


Even though it’s only five songs, Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon and the Sun is an EP that gets your attention. Whether from the vocals or the instrumentals, Saram12Saram get into your head and make you listen until the EP is done. They have an ambient and low-key sound, but the arrangements of their songs is excellent.

goldmund 01


Another Bandcamp find, Goldmund is an electronic rock band. Unplanned Works was written by Stray and Hyuntai, but they recently added Beom on bass. The sound of Goldmund is a mix of electronic synth and rock. At times you’re going to hear a bigger synth influence, but the album has a lot of great dance tracks.

oh hee jung

Oh Heejung

Originally the vocalist of Beautiful Days, Oh Heejung started experimenting with electronic music and released Everybody Here Wants You Back. A year later she released Set Adrift which showed a progression in her experience with electronic music. She’s got a distinct style that’s always fun to listen to.

trampauline this is why


A three piece, Trampauline released two albums before falling a bit silent. They returned with a collaboration with Lali Puna, but there hasn’t been any information of a new release. Their music is upbeat and poppy synth music which is easy to get addicted to. This Is Why We Are Falling For Each Other is a perfect spring or summer album and hopefully there will be movement on new music sooner rather than later.

I hope that this has broadened your ears to the different types of electronic music and artists. Let us know if there are any other artists or genres that you would like to know more about.

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